Starting A Pest Control Business

Pest Control BusinessWhile most entrepreneurs are looking to start the next big thing there are some ideas in growth industries with great potential. One of these  industries is the pest control industry.

This is an excellent type of business to get into, relatively low barrier to entry and fragmented competition. You also get to help a lot of people. In Canada, being an exterminator means that you have become licensed by the province in which you operate. We asked a seasoned pest control professional from the site for a few tips on starting such a business. We asked a brand new pest control Caledon company for advice.

After you get your license you should go about and consult an accountant and an attorney, but if you are starting on a shoe string budget you could possibly get away with a great computer accounting software.

If you already have an exterminator license then your next step should be to register a company and get your business in order. In this line of work it is best to have a corporation, due to liability reasons

I would not recommend going in to the extermination company from the start as there is certainly a lot to learn how to be considered an effective technician. Perhaps you can work as a technician for an establish company for a while to gain some experience.

After your business is all set up, it is now time to start advertising. You need to advertise in this business. Word of mouth works, but it takes a while to build. Also, people don’t always want to share their pest problems with their friends, so advertising is a good way to keep new business coming in. Even if you dont want to start your own business but still want to work in the pest control industry there are many pest control jobs available in your area. It is after all a growth industry. And for services you can offer exterminations for ants, mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs.

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